Year 4 Project Students 2020/2021

Chen Tze Qiao (Zee)

“My interests lie in a truly intriguing yet mysterious field – microbiology. It’s really fascinating how such tiny microbes could do big things and I am inspired by the huge impacts brought by the tiny microbes to the world. Imagine, the next big thing could actually be really tiny and beyond the human’s naked eyes!!

Finds joy in sports, travel and photography. Lives in the moment.”

Xiang SUn (Jeff)

“I’m a biomedical science student with a special interest in microbiology and immunology. Because the interactions within tiny microorganisms (e.g. bacteria and phage) really fascinates me during my junior year, I joined the team for my final year project. With the help of bioinformatics, I would like to make contributions to development of high-throughput methods for phage discovery.”

lou junhan (john)

Pathirana Dulmini Hasara (Becky)

Joint project with Dr. Melanie Stephan (University of Edinburgh)

“I’m a junior year biomed student who has been curious about microorganisms since high school. Apart from academic studies I love to learn new languages and be sporty. 

I learned about bacteriophages during sophomore year and ever since my curiosity about phages grows up. Last summer me and some colleagues had a chance to discover new phages that we isolated from different countries. I’m looking forward to characterize those isolated phages because it is important to find a bacteriophage for a multi drug resistance bacteria.”

Research Students

Chook Hou Wei

“I am a keen pianist and chess player who enjoys experimenting with new things, be it a new genre of music or a radical chess opening. I also enjoy travelling around China, next up on my bucket list, Suzhou!

I have previously participated in the phage discovery project in the summer of 2019, where we isolated multiple phages which infect pathogenic strains of Acinetobacter baumanii and Escherichia coli.

I am interested in understanding the genetic basis of phage sensitivity by studying phage-resistant bacterial strains. With an understanding of the genetic basis of phage sensitivity, targeted selections of phages for use during phage therapy can be made based on the genetic profile of the infecting bacteria.”


As a Biomedical Informatics student, I feel motivated to utilize my quantitative/computational skills to explore and contribute to scientific researches ranging from microbiology, epigenetics to cardiovascular disease. My team’s project in the summer of 2020 is modelling diffusion of bacteriophages and binding events to reversible and irreversible receptors on host cell surface. In addition to research, I enjoy creative pursuits such as crocheting, performing music, baking and letter writing.”


“I am a Biomedical Science student who enjoys exploring different fields of Science including Immunology, Infection, Molecular Biology etc. I enjoy doing things that make positive contributions to the healthcare field and this has always been my dream job. During summer 2020, I joined the team that is responsible for modelling random diffusion of bacteriophages.

Fond of photography and eating good food.”


Grace participated in a summer project regarding bacteriophage adsorption mechanism in 2020. She and her MCell Team has been denoting themselves in developing and perfecting a CellBlender model to best simulate phage diffusion and subsequent reversible and irreversible binding on particularly the LPS and other membrane protein on the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. She also has a keen interest in onco-immunology, in which how normal cells turn oncogenic and how immune cells combat tumour cells always seems fascinating to her. Otherwise, she is just a typical Biomedical Science undergraduate who enjoys Netflixing and Chilling, and also outdoor running!

Wen Tanye

“As a student majoring Biomedical Science, I am interested in infection, molecular biology, and genome engineering. I joined the team in the autumn of 2020, and I would like to make contributions to developing and optimizing phage therapy. Apart from research, I enjoy playing tennis, listening to music, and travelling.” 

Zheng Ziyi

“I am a Biomedical Science student who find several fields of Science appealing, including Infection, Molecular Biology and Genetics. Since the complex interactions between such tiny organisms – bacteriophages and bacteria strongly amazed me, I joined the team during the autumn in 2020 to further study bacteriophages and bacteria, especially protein expression at biochemistry level. In my spare time, I love doing sports and travelling around the world to experience different culture and view.”

ma tianrui

“I am a Biomedical Science student in ZJE. I am interested in microbiology, especially the bacteria. Studies about bacterial resistance attracts me. I joined the team in the summer holiday of 2021 and studied the mechanisms that bacteria become antibiotic resistance. Studies in resistance mechanisms will help the development of phage therapy and novel antibiotics.”