Associate Professor

Life itself is far too fascinating to work on a single topic. My interest spans from microbiology to protein biochemistry. I’m curious about how things work – countless questions that one could ask: How does a protein work? How does it get into the membrane? Or: How does a virus infect a cell and how is it made?

Biology is very complex. I like to understand how things work with the fewest number of parameters – minimal systems. One protein, one lipid bilayer. Biophysics, in particular single-molecule techniques, are a great way to understand how things work.

However, biology is also not that simple. Therefore, we need to look at a problem from multiple perspectives. That’s why I love collaborations. My collaboration partners are in China, Thailand, India but also in the UK and the USA.

Biology can also be applied: We study microbial viruses for the development of therapeutics to cure infections by antibiotic resistant bacteria. In addition, we develop technical tools using microfluidics and single-molecule techniques.

…join us, if you are adventurous!

Work Experiences

2018 – present

Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute
Associate Professor

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital
Adjunct Professor

University of Edinburgh
Hon. Lecturer

2017 – 2018


2014 – 2017

2011 – 2014

University of Hohenheim
Professor without Chair (Privatdozent)

Habilitation in Biochemistry

Research Group Leader & Lecturer
(independently funded)

Research Group Leader & Lecturer
(without own budget / positions)

2008 – 2011

University of Oxford
The United Kingdom
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

2006 – 2007

National University of Singapore
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


2001 – 2005

Technical University of Munich (TUM)
in Biochemistry (Magna cum laude)
“Structure and Function of Hsp90 Co-Chaperones and Substrates” 
Prof. Dr. J. Buchner.

1995 – 2001

University of Regensburg
Masters in Biology;
Major subject: Microbiology.
Minor subjects: Organic Chemistry. Genetics/ Virology.